Classroom Training

How Much Classroom Training Is Included?

Classroom Training Determined By Workshop Length

  • Single Night Workshop
    • Some events include no classroom training
    • 2 afternoon classroom sessions (minimum 6 hours) are included with events on Mount Evans
  • 3 Night Workshop
    • 3 afternoon classroom sessions (minimum 8 hours)
    • Includes all training content and some time to work on student images
  • 4 Night Workshop
    • 4 afternoon classroom sessions (minimum 11 hours)
    • Includes all training content and time to work on student images
  • 5 Night Workshop
    • 5 afternoon classroom sessions (minimum 13 hours)
    • Includes all training content and extended time to work on student images

What Does The Classroom Training Content Look Like?

Students receive all training content in electronic format (in addition to the live training) giving them easy access to all the clickable links and resources.

Topics We Like To Cover In Classroom Training

  • Shooting
    • Camera Settings
    • Proper Exposure
    • Exposing To The Right
    • Know Your Camera
    • Common Mistakes
    • Noise & Noise Reduction
    • Multiple Exposures
    • Multiple Exposures For Stacking
    • Light Painting
    • Panoramas
    • Super Long-Exposures
  • Planning
    • Key Concepts & Tools
    • Planning Resources On The Web
    • Planning Software
    • Getout There And Scout
    • Safe Night Photography
  • Post-Processing
    • RAW Processing in Lightroom
    • Exposure Adjustments
    • Color Balance & Selective Color
    • Blending in Photoshop
    • Single Exposure Noise Reduction
    • Multiple Exposure Noise Reduction
    • Star Spikes
    • Comet Like Star Trail Processing
    • Panoramic Stitching
    • Sharpening For The Web

Software Applications We Use In The Post-Processing Portion

  • Primary
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • Secondary
    • Nik Color Efex Pro & Dfine
    • Star Spikes Pro

How Is The Training Content Presented?

  • Live Lecture Style Presentation
  • Power-Point Presentation shown with Projector & Screen - with PDF copy for students
  • Full-Resolution Images Edited in Lightroom, Photoshop, and more

Are Photoshop Skills Required?

  • No, photoshop skills are not required.
  • For some people however, photoshop experience can be helpful in making the most of the Post-Processing Classroom Training Session. This classroom training session is just one day and makes up roughly 1/6th of the workshop.
  • For people looking to ramp up their Photoshop skills, Mike recommends free resources including Adobe's Photoshop Learn & Support page and excellent video tutorials from Julieanne Kost.

When Does The Classroom Training Take Place?

Classroom training typically starts daily at 2 pm and runs until 4-5 pm but this schedule varies in early and late summer months.


Suggested Items

  • Camera with Tripod & Head and Remote Trigger (needed on the first day of classroom training)
  • Laptop PC with Favorite Images (from in-field training)
  • PC Software: Photoshop (and Lightroom if you have it)
  • Comments and Questions for Discussion