Mike Berenson

With a specialty in capturing the starry night skies, Colorado photographer Mike Berenson loves to capture scenes that inspire people to embrace the wonders of nature we have left.  And with the effects of light pollution spreading to affect most every part of the world, Mike has come to appreciate the heavens above - so  much so that he find himself driven to capture it's beauty and share it with others.  And while he loves to capture the heavens above, doing it in the context of the Colorado Rockies has long been his focus.  By including foreground elements that speak Colorado and the Rocky Mountains together with amazing elements of the night sky above, Mike has found a combination that doesn't just look good, it stirs his soul.

Years ago, Mike found his love for photography deep in the tropical waters of the Caribbean where he found a great drive to share the wonders of the world with those who aren't so fortunate to see it for themselves. Now, he uses that same passion to drive into the dark of the night in his home state of Colorado and beyond - still with the same underlying mission to share the wonders of the world with those who aren't so fortunate.

These days, Mike enjoys sharing his techniques in capturing the starry night skies through articles and tutorials on his website and instructional workshops in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.  Mike is known for being a patient instructor who enjoys seeing his students have success both out in the field and in post-processing.

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