Student Testimonials

Very well organized and I love that you guys continue to do research on improving techniques for shooting and processing (like SLS). I think that’s the kind attitude that shows your commitment to provide the best workshop possible and to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.
- Sergio from Texas

You guys are the best!! Staying on top of the latest technology and being ready/anxious to share all of that with your students is super helpful. The workshops I have done with you make it very clear that you both have a lot of knowledge AND you want to pass all of that knowledge on to your workshop students. While we packed a lot into 3 days, I never felt rushed at any location, and I felt you were very available to help with whatever I needed help with.
- Jann from Washington

Great workshop, great experience. I had two main goals from the workshop. Get some great shots, and get re-inspired, and you helped me accomplish both. I also walked away with the knowledge and skills to make even better shots. The fact that it was a great time was a plus!!
- Dean from Colorado

My main objective or focus (no pun intended) was to learn focusing and various methods in capturing the milky way, IE: single shot, low level lighting, stacking, blending etc. Not in producing a photo for a competition or a Gallery. For me I know this will come in time.  Many ideas, steps and methods were shared with the group about processing of the images and this is where I have to take it to the next level and will probably take some time. At no time did Darren and Mike hold back methods or techniques. If you asked they freely shared their knowledge and experience.
- David from Arizona

I enjoyed the insight provided at the different locations and suggestions on composition. A lot of times, wildlife and nature photography is an individual experience so shooting in a group setting can be helpful in advancing your experiences and learning.
- Bryce from Colorado

The workshop was excellent.   The content was much more extensive than I imagined and was a huge eye opener to what is possible.  You and Darren are both so passionate about night photography and very very knowledgeable.  You both showed great patience and were good communicators.   I’m sorry I didn’t know my camera better at the start but, in my years of using my camera I never pushed ISO so far and had never worked with such long exposures.  Great workshop!
- Fred from Colorado

Mike and Darren are fabulous photographers who are highly respected by other artists.  That being said, not all great photographers can teach and these two can.  They know how to impart information in a way that students can understand and in the field they are very patient with those of us who need a little more help, while not ignoring those who are more competent.  They took us to the right places at the right time in the field, and taught us in the seminars how to figure that out for ourselves.  These guys are very caring and made sure that everyone had a grip on the techniques of working their camera in the dark to capture the night sky and on composition.  The seminars before and after the shoot were very helpful, and especially being out in the field with them where they showed us some tricks of the trade.  I came away with some great shots and lots of knowledge that I can apply to future shoots when I am on my own.  I plan on joining them for another workshop in the future.
- Bonnie from Colorado

Excellent instructors!  Opened my eyes to possibilities...  excellent workshop!  Lots of information, links, articles for education - both pre/post workshop!  Lots of assistance prior to field and also in the field.  Post-processing session very helpful!
- Linda from Colorado

Very good workshop in spite of the weather challenges and delays...  It seems that the classroom training content has been expanded since my 2015 workshop which I found valuable.
- Doreen from Illinois

It is difficult to pick what I liked most.  It was all very helpful.  I also appreciate the opportunity to assist or answer questions after the seminar.  The articles on the website were very helpful in preparation.
- Peter from Indiana

I learned so much and I'm continuing to learn as I get more familiar with the techniques and tools you introduced me to...  your passion and enthusiasm were infectious and got me very excited to apply new skills.
- Honora from New York

Mike and Darren make a fantastic team. They bring a very wide range of skills and techniques to the workshop. They both willingly share their skills with all and strive to better each student’s knowledge of the craft.
- Rob from Colorado

Excellent workshop, well organized, professional.  I will definitely do another workshop with you guys.  I've done a lot of workshops, this is one of the 'best' for quality & value.
- Greg from California

The workshop was Muy Bueno!  This was not the first workshop that I take and let me tell you it has been the one I enjoy the most.  You both make me feel like we were friends for a long time.
- Guillermo from Mexico

I thought the workshop was excellent, a lot of great information especially about how to go about planning when and where to go out to shoot the milky way.  The in-field instruction was great and I was able to get my questions asked and answered.
- Angie from Missouri

I had a total blast on this workshop and learned a lot!  I'm so excited to try what I learned out on my own.  I'm also excited to do another workshop in the future!
- Elizabeth from Colorado

Mike and Darren – Thank you for being so patient with me as I adjusted to new equipment and not talking down to me. It was a little intimidating but I loved the workshop. You made me feel very comfortable with questions etc.  I love how down to earth you both are. I definitely walked away wanting more and hope to join you in Arches in the future after my 17 year old graduates this upcoming year. I do wish we could have covered more in class but definitely felt that outside the class I learned quite a bit from both of you. Next time will ensure that I am more comfortable with my newer equipment.  Thanks again for the inspiration.  I have already recommended you on Facebook.
- Raemi from Colorado

Mike and Darren’s teaching style is easy to follow and enjoyable.   I definitely learned some new techniques that will improve the quality of my night photography without a doubt.
- Greg from Colorado

The whole workshop was a blast.  Very good instructors, training material very well presented.  And Mike and Darren’s personal images were very inspiring.  Now, I just have to learn Photoshop to augment my images.  I was able to take my images into Zoner Photo Studio 18 and edit them.  Very happy with the results.  The drive up to the top of Mt. Evans was a little nerve racking for someone like me, but playing “follow the leader” helped a lot especially when we were coming down the mountain after dark.
- Bob from Colorado

Excellent - great teaching and sharing of tips and information.  Presentations during classroom very professional.  In field training very good.  Appreciate the follow-up and tips in the field.
- Ron from Texas

I was the most novice photographer in the group, but from the discussions and field sessions came away with a tremendous amount of new learning how to shoot nighttime photos. My previous night photography had been limited to trying to shoot “full moon” shots. I had never done long time exposures such as in “bulb” mode, or shot photos with ISO’s in the 6400 – 12800 range – so this was all totally new.
- John from Colorado

I was very surprised at the mages I was able to capture. That speaks to to the support I received during the workshop.
- Tom from Colorado

The workshop was very well organized. I felt we were all encouraged to ask questions and that
they were always answered in a way that anyone there could benefit from. The information and workshop materials were very well presented and included great links online.
- Cheryl from Colorado

I have taken several photography workshops in different locations, with different leaders and areas of focus.  I’ve found that each has had its strengths and its weaknesses.  This workshop had only strengths.  I truly cannot think of anything that you could have done better.   Your knowledge of photography, night photography and post processing was strong.  Your ability to teach these topics to a group with varied levels of ability, knowledge, experience and gear was impressive.  The combination of classroom time and learning by doing “in the field” was perfect.  The various locations we shot at gave us plenty of opportunity to experiment with newly learned techniques while you were both right there to help with any questions we had.  The group size was just right for this type of workshop.  I appreciate that you were well prepared and well organized.  I felt as if you took very seriously your intent to teach us all you could in the time we had which kept us all on task and moving forward.  I cannot wait to take another workshop with you two and I will (and have already) tell everyone I know about your offerings.
- Jann from Washington

I loved everything about my workshop!  The knowledge of both Mike and Darren, the planning that went into the shooting locations, the small group size, and the personal attention that everyone received made this a fantastic experience for me.  I learned many new skills and came away with some great images and a desire to learn and experience more.  This workshop was one of the best investments I have made in my photography.

I really liked the planning that went into making sure we got the best shots possible on our night workshop.  At first I was disappointed that we were not going to shoot in Canyonlands and especially at Mesa Arch, but after I heard the explanation about the time of year and location of the Milky Way, I was completely satisfied and appreciative of the planning efforts that went into the workshop.

I can’t honestly think of anything that I disliked or would say that I liked least, except maybe that I would have been up for more than 3 nights!  Glad to know you will be having 5 day workshops next year.
- Doreen from Illinois

Very well organized and presented.  I appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail.  Quality information, in-depth, presented professionally.  Great workshop...  You under-promised and over-delivered.  That's a great formula for success.  I hope to join you again at another venue.
- Peter from Massachusetts

Holy Cow!  I learned lots and had a good time doing so.  Both instructors were patient and helpful.
- Don from Illinois

Mike and Darren are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and work very hard at making sure everyone's needs are met, questions answered, and experience enjoyed.  I knew nothing about astrophotography before this workshop and came away with a lot of good information, some exciting shots, and a great experience.
- Fred from Colorado

I just wanted to tell you how much Blaine and I enjoyed the workshop last night. We were sorry we had to leave a bit early but were already extremely happy with the images we captured. I've taken several workshops over the years and yours was most definitely among the best of the best. Your teaching style makes everyone comfortable, whatever their level of experience. And we were all very grateful for all the information you gave out (and the extra clothing, too!).
- Brenda from Colorado

Overall, this was a fantastic workshop!  I learned a great deal about camera settings, post processing, and a lot about Milky Way shots and star trails.  It was nice interacting with people from so many different background and skill levels.  The hands on instruction was great!

The second evening where we shot the barns was hands down my favorite.  That evening really taught me the most throughout the entire workshop - light painting, star trails, composure, long exposure, etc.  Looking back, I felt like that evening produced our best shots and being there in the middle of the night without all the tourists was really nice.  Despite being up all night, we got back to our room and had to look through all the pictures right away!
- Laura from Florida

Great workshop!  Laura and I both learned a ton and were happy to meet some great folks.  Not being PS users, some of the classroom instruction was beyond our capabilities.  However, it was still useful to see and has served as a catalyst for me to learn PS.
- Dirk from Florida

This was a great workshop; perfect for my skill level.  I loved the locations that we went to in Moab.  I could tell that you (Mike) and Darren were extremely flexible, patient, and overall invested in the beneficial outcome of everyone involved.
- Teagan from California

Mike and Darren - Awesome Job!  Both of you are experts and did an excellent job teaching students.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I can't wait until the next workshop I can attend!
- Chris from Colorado

Your teaching style in the classroom and in the field made it easy to understand and learn the abundance of information you presented. I enjoyed the very busy, yet comfortable pace to the workshop.  I liked that you kept us busy no matter what the weather conditions were. It taught me to work with the environment. Even though we set out to take pictures of meteors I feel one of my best pictures was captured during a cloudy night.  Seriously I don’t know how you could improve it.
Mike from Nevada

Mike has put together an awesome workshop, with an impressive selection of landscapes. Mike was very well prepared for the workshop with materials and an extensive knowledge of the area’s available sights, willing to be flexible with both students and the conditions, while remaining upbeat and helping all to get the most of the Night Photography workshop experience...  His in depth knowledge allowed the class to dig deeper into techniques the students were interested in (even advanced photography and business related topics that were not on the main class agenda).
Rob from Colorado

Mike -the content was entirely on point with what you described for the workshop. You were well-organized and presented well. I know there are various levels of people as far as how much post-processing content they want. With my PS and LR background, I can probably handle more than some, but it was spot on for me...  Your knowledge of the subject is exceptional in all ways — field work and post-processing. You also have great vision for what will make an excellent photograph. Combining the art and the technical is not easy, and some people primarily get one side or the other, I think you excel at both. 
Cindy from Colorado

Incredible Workshop!  Mike showed me a fun & exciting new way to capture landscape images.  I've always wanted to learn how to get those great shots of the Milky Way & Star Trails & this workshop shows you how easy it is to come home with great images!
- Tina from Colorado

I thought the content was great.  I had been exposed to the basics a little bit before, so I was able to digest it a little more this time around.  I was able to leave with a lot of information that will keep me busy learning for a few years.  
- Jesse from Colorado

What did you like most: That he was willing to go that extra step.  We had unfortunately clouds at sunset and a bit after twilight, but even though that wasn't specified in the "contract", we still did a sunrise hike to Dream lake and we even went to have breakfast after leaving the park.
- Sergio from Texas

This was a terrific workshop that more than exceeded my expectations. I came away from the workshop with knowledge, ideas, some great photos, and inspiration to keep exploring night photography and Rocky Mountain National Park! I appreciate how generous Mike was in sharing his knowledge, experience, and techniques with us.
- Greg from Colorado

This was a fabulous workshop and I really learned a lot. I have so many images to keep me busy processing for quite some time! I learned so much, but feel I have so much more to learn and follow up on from all the information we were given. Thanks for all the resources and sharing your handouts and knowledge.
- Nona from Colorado

What did you like most: The care and concern of Mike Berenson that each photographer was getting the shots they needed. He also made sure everyone got a light painting shot at each location and was continually asking if everyone had what they needed from the light painting.
- Carra from Arizona

Mike, your workshop was a fun and inspirational outing presented in a clear concise way. I was also impressed with attention to detail with the presentation materials and genuine concern for the your students, not only making sure we all understood what was being explained, but in the health and welfare along the trail, after-all, lack of sleep can be tough on the body. I also liked that you gave us choices along the road, nearing the end of the workshop, to hit the one type of location or another, which customized the experience for our specific group.
- Dave from Colorado

I had done quite a bit of on line reading about night photography. While I had most of the individual components, you did an excellent job of tying all of them together to explain how to make it all work... The complete checklist is most helpful. It is good to have this so we don't forget steps.
- John from Colorado

You take a complex subject & explain each component fully until all the pieces come together in an organized way. I feel I have enough background to successfully capture night images. You have an easy, step-by-step manner that works well for teaching.
- Kristal from Colorado

This class was everything I hoped it would be - and more!
- Micki from Colorado

Mike knows his stuff, is able to communicate it well, and has great stories to back it up. I appreciate being able to follow the presentation as it was being presented via the pdfs viewed on my tablet.
- Karen from Colorado

Your passion for night photography is contagious. Seeing your images has been inspirational - I'm looking forward to checking the resources & planning a night photo shoot soon.
- Kelly from Colorado